King of My Heart

As we close out 2017, and celebrate Jesus’ birth, I want this to be my song.  There are so many things that are competing for our attention.  Worthy things.  Things that NEED my attention.  But, if those things become King of my heart I forget where I belong and I don’t have peace.  Family is so very important to me.  But when things are tense I need to remember that He is Good, and He loves family even more than I.  He is the anchor in my waves.  I was reminded of that in a big way this week when I was swept under the waves of despair for moment.  I was consumed with fear, and overwhelmed by feelings of being unloved, unwanted, and unwelcome.  This is my dark place.  I come from family that is very broken.  Broken in ways that shouldn’t be possible.  And that provides a dark place for me, and feeds my fears of that kind of a rift happening with my children as well.

But, I’m learning that I need to allow God to work these things out.  I struggle deeply with this, because my own family is so broken.  My grandma prayed fervently for our family, and still there is such brokenness.  I know how this must have broken her heart.  She prayed fervently for her children to know the love of Christ, and still there is brokenness there too.  We say things like “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it”, but I don’t see that happening in my family.  That phrase sounds good, but the reality is we are all human with human choices.  And, the devil prowls around like a lion waiting for someone to devour.  Where there is goodness, he waits.  Where there is unity, he tries to stir up division.  Words are twisted, and compassion takes a back seat to selfishness.

Where is my faith Lord?

As the song says,

Let the King of my heart
Be the mountain where I run
The fountain I drink from
Oh-oh, He is my song
Let the King of my heart
Be the shadow where I hide
The ransom for my life
Oh-oh, He is my song
You are good, good, oh-ohh

Let the King of my heart
Be the wind inside my sails
The anchor in the waves
Oh-oh, He is my song
Let the King of my heart
Be the fire inside my veins
The echo of my days
Oh he is my song
You are good, good, oh-ohh

You’re never gonna let
Never gonna let me down

Then she gets really quiet and starts praying….

It’s not in your nature to fall apart or fail….

It’s not in your nature to let us down….and you never will….

Somebody needs confidence this morning….

That He’ll never let you down..

He’s been good a long time….. He knows what He’s doing

When you can’t see that, when you don’t believe it….  

He knows what He’s doing..

He doesn’t fall off of His throne…..

Jesus, I declare you the King of my heart, the King of my Life.  Wash my fears away, Lord.

Love, Semalee

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Semalee, I love you so much, and so do myriad people who know you or know OF you. A most precious person to whom I look up, and a beloved woman to so many who could never do all the things you do. Whatever has come your way, you have said “Don my vest, arm myself with God’s strength, and rely on His love, and I WILL go on in love and with intention.” Loving you always, my darling honorary niece. And all of your almost 10-pack, too.