Love is Continuous

Welcome to Part Two of my four part series on love! If you haven’t read last week’s entry on Commitment, be sure to read that one too!  I talked about how we will tackle our discussion on love with a focus on three facets:  How do we love others?  How do we love ourselves?  How do we love God?  Hannah Keeley demonstrated in one of her training videos a 3 legged stool, when one leg is missing or broken the whole stool falls over.  It’s important to keep all of the legs of the stool in place.

When I love others with a continuous love I know that they will fall short.  I know that to love someone continuously I must also see them through their rough times.  It may be that someone I love is going through a trial that has taken over their life.  Maybe they’ve not been available to me as they used to be.  Maybe I haven’t talked to them in quite a while, I am intentional to not let that absence color my view of our friendship.  I don’t need to be constantly fed in order for our relationship to have value.  I respect the changing seasons in others’ lives and my place in their life may be more or less involved depending on that season.  In the book of Job the devil is tormenting Job to extreme measures.  By the time we get to the end of Chapter 2, he’s lost everything.  His family, his possessions, his health.  Everything.  He’s literally sitting on top of a pile of rubble that used to be his life.

When three of Job’s friends heard of the tragedy he had suffered, they got together and traveled from their homes to comfort and console him……..When they saw Job from a distance, they scarcely recognized him. Wailing loudly, they tore their robes and threw dust into the air over their heads to show their grief. Then they sat on the ground with him for seven days and nights. No one said a word to Job, for they saw that his suffering was too great for words. – Job 2:11-13

I have been in a place where I really didn’t know where to start.  I haven’t lost everything like that, but I’ve been in places where my suffering was too great for words.  I’ve been in places in my marriage like that.  I’ve been in places with my mother like that.  I’ve been in a place of grief like that while walking with my 2 Middles through my cousin’s death.  Sometimes I still visit that place.  It is of supreme blessing to have friends who will sit with you and say nothing because your suffering is too great for words.  If I’m to love others continuously, I know that there may come a time like this where I’m needed to sit on a pile of ashes of someone’s life with them and just sit there in their suffering with them because the suffering is too great for words.

When my life is not going how I want it to is when I run TO God, not FROM Him.

When I love myself with continuous love I have to really make peace with the idea that perfect is never the goal.  If we were perfect, there would be no need for Jesus.  He came, so that we would know that we can not under our own strength follow the law without error.  It is designed to be that way — a way that we NEEED Jesus.  And boy do I need Jesus!  When I love myself with continuous love I need to make sure that I’m not asking too much of myself, and that I’m understanding that life is not a sprint.  When I love myself with a continuous love I know that my time in prayer has a direct correlation to how my days and nights go.  When I spend more time in prayer, I am better equipped to see things from a God perspective, and therefore I’m better equipped to handle the things that come my way.  I am also willing to invest in myself.  I know that I am either growing, or dying.  I am either increasing or decreasing.  I’ve mentioned that I am a part of Mom Mastery University.  The video below is one I had to watch as part of my training to be a mentor within MMU.  If you are ready to really invest in yourself, I’d love to be your mentor!  Simply go sign up and put my first name (Semalee) in when it asks if you want a mentor.

When I love God with continuous love my faith is not shaken by tragedies in my life.  When my life is not going how I want it to is when I run TO God, not FROM Him.  When I love God with a continuous love, I no longer look to my own goals and ideas about life.  I look to my “I MUST”.  Because I am God’s Child, HE has a calling on my life, and I MUST act on that calling.  I can not sit idly and do nothing when He has ordained me for Great things.  If you haven’t seen this teaching by Jentezen Franklin, watch it.  It is worth it.  You will have a definite perspective change.

God’s call on our lives is Continuous, and our lives Continually pour out what we put in.  When we love God with a continuous love, we pour so much of Him into ourselves that we are unable to contain it.  We MUST pour back out into others.  We MUST be the hands and feet of God.  We MUST follow his calling on our life.

Continue with me all month as we explore the Four “C’s” of Love:


Join the conversation!  Tell me what you think about this!  Do you have anything to add?  Did something I say challenge you?  Please comment below!

Love, Semalee

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I have to remind myself sometimes that perfect is not the goal.


I like the idea of love being continuous, it’s a very appealing and comforting thought.


So important that we run to God in good and bad times. Beautiful piece.


Thank you for the reminder to always run TO God.

Kristin Cook

Yes! Love perseveres and continues on! I’m so thankful that when my love is feeble, God perseveres me and helps me to continue on. And his love is always continuous, even when mine falters.


Continuous is definitely key! When we stop loving ourselves or the One that made us, or the people God has placed in our life for encouragement life can become overbearing. I’ve had a similar situation happen during our 14 1/2 years of miscarriage and loss. I fell out of love with myself, my friends, and my God. My love was not continuous for sure. All that led to was heartache and anger. Thankfully, we serve a God whose love for us is continuous and we must be intentional in our efforts to continuously love…


Such a thoughtful reflection on God and His love. Thank you!