Not In a Hurry

Lord I don’t want to rush on ahead in my own strength when you’re right here…. I’m taking a moment to think about this.  Today we are so rushed in everything we do.  We hurry here, hurry there, and we’re so focused on getting places fast that we miss so, so much.  Some days I “don’t have time” for some real quiet with the Lord.  But as I sit here these early morning hours, I have a candle lit, and my soul is saying, “Lord, I’m not in a hurry when it comes to your spirit, when it comes to your presence,when it comes to your voice- I’m learning to listen, just to rest in your nearness.  I’m starting to notice you are speaking”


Lord I want to love like you
I want to feel what you feel
I want to see what you see

I see it now.  I see how important it is to slow down.  I’ve been seeing it for a while.  I got caught up in the hustle.  But no more.  What’s important around me is not the stuff, but the people.  What I am investing in them.  I see the value of a simpler life.  When my Aunt comes to visit with my kids (she’s their Nana) I see it.  I see the intentional attention.  I see her pouring into them how much she values her time with them.  How much she values them.  How she wants to slow down and just BE with them.  It’s a beautiful thing.  There is no relationship like that of one between Grandmother and Grandchild when done with such intention.  I had that with my own grandma as well.  As a kid, I took it oh so for granted.  As a young adult even more for granted.  I was busy conquering the world.  That’s what I thought….  but I was actually just busy.  Now I wish I could slow that time down and really breathe it in.

“Slow down. Take a deep breath. What’s the hurry?
Why wear yourself out? Just what are you after anyway?
But you say, ‘I can’t help it.
I’m addicted to alien gods. I can’t quit.’ Jeremiah 2:25 MSG

Oh, Lord– open my eyes I want to see you more clearly……. Open my ears, I want to hear you speak….. Are you speaking through the generations?  Am I seeing your vision right here as I stand in a room filled with generations of my own family?  What is the message here?

Tell me your thoughts- whats on your mind?  When you look through our generations, what do you see?  Legacy lives on through our children and grandchildren.  When we are no longer here, what legacy do we leave?  My grandma left a legacy in my love for you Lord.  I want Ryder to know you and know your love through me as well.  This is the legacy that I want to pass to him.

But Lord, what is YOUR will?  I’ll be your friend, I want to see through your eyes……  Lord, I want to love like you.  I want to feel what you feel, I want to see what you see……

Love, Semalee

*words in italics are lyrics to the song, Not in a Hurry by United Pursuit*
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I completely see what you are saying! I try my hardest every day to stay “present” and breathe in the love of life within each moment. Thank you for this post!


This is a really good reminder. Coming home after work, sometimes I’m counting down the hours until the kids are in bed and I get some alone time, but how much I’m going to miss that time when they are older…

Bethann Wagner

I love the slower pace of life.. even if just for a day!

Christi L Duke

I’ve also been trying to slow down with my kids. I am a fast paced person so I need to remember it’s ok to slow down.

Farmhouse Mama

Wow, this is so true. It’s so important to slow down and cherish these moments. Thank you for this!


This is such a great reminder . It’s hard to slow down sometimes for me but I know I have to . So I can appreciate life and focus on things. Thank you for sharing this post.


I try to keep this in mind. Sometimes I am in such a hurry then I stop to take a breath and realize I don’t even know why I’m rushing! Lol