What is Love?

What is Love?

The dictionary defines it in many ways relating to feelings, and then, almost as an after though as a verb.  I would like to challenge that thinking, and say that it is absolutely a verb first.

Love is a choice.  It is a verb.  It’s not really a feeling, even though we often think it is.  We make the choice to love the people around us or not.  When we honor someone for who they truly are, we love them.  When we believe in someone, and see them as God sees them, we love them.  When we put restrictions on our children, even though we really really don’t want to, we love them.

The Berean Literal Bible Translation of 1 John 4:8 says, “The one not loving has not known God, because God is love.”  Wow.  Isn’t it crazy how the Bible speaks to us in so many different ways?  Another way I’ve heard this is the child who needs the love the most is usually the one acting the least loving.  What do we know about love and how it affects our lives?

God is love.  Love is a verb.  How do we put these two ideas together?

When we do the act of loving, we do the work of God.

We are human houses for the Holy Spirit.  He uses us to communicate who God is to each other.  Have you ever had someone say just what you needed without you asking for it?  God.  Have you ever done something wrong, and had someone love you through it?  God.  When we love others despite the fact that they are broken, we allow God to work in our lives.  We see others for who God sees them, not for the broken people they are.  But notice that as God loves us, He does not allow himself to sink into our sin.  We are human, and can sometimes get caught up in others’ sin if we are not careful who we give our time and heart to.

Over the month of February I’m going to be exploring the different facets of Love. I think February gets a lot of love because of Valentine’s Day, but I’m not going to get stuck on romantic love, but rather, the many different ways we love and are loved.

I’ll be taking the 4 weeks of February to talk about the 4 C’s of Love:

  • Commitment
  • Continuous
  • Comfort
  • Compromise

I’m sure you have some ideas about love too, and I’d love to hear those!

Love, Semalee


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Love this! I am planning on doing a series about love for February too so this gave me some good inspiration! Thanks for sharing!


Love this post and I agree with everything you said, especially about the 4 C’s! Can’t wait to see the posts in February! <3


What a cool topic. God is love. So happy you brought that up and talked about that!


I do believe that love is a choice that we can consciously make. I have chosen to love everything that I do and everyone who comes my way. I always tell my kids if you do anything with love, we love whatever you do. Love brings me joy, peace, and makes my life easier